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2015 Election of Executive Council Members

The second 2015 IAOA Virtual Assembly is being held in September and October in order to elect new members for the Association's Executive Council (EC). The current terms of Marion Haemmerli, Janna Hastings, Oliver Kutz, Frank Loebe, Fabian Neuhaus and Leo Obrst will come to an end at the end of 2015, those of João Paulo Almeida, Roberta Ferrario and Michael Gruninger last until December 2016.

In order to maintain nine EC members, six positions need to be filled. The election of new or continuing councilors proceeds in three main phases:
  • Sep 15 - Sep 30: Candidature phase
  • Oct 01 - Oct 20: Campaigning phase
  • Oct 21 -  Oct 27: Virtual Assembly eBallot
Details are provided on the election wiki page, and members find the corresponding announcement by the President via the membership mailing list [iaoa-member].

All IAOA members are kindly invited to participate in the election. Please engage in candidate nominations in September. In the actual ballot, a quorum of 50%+1 of the membership is to be met. Thus each IAOA member is asked to log in to the Member's Area during October 21-27, to proceed via Utilities to the personal voting page and to cast your vote, please!

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